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I have one of the hugest hearts in the universe and have enough room for everyone. I will love you until you give me a reason not to, and even still I will treat you kindly. I believe in magic and second chances. I think the world is a dark, cruel place, but I want to do what I can to light it up a little. I have the most loving family, beautiful best friends, and the perfect boyfriend who treats me like a princess. I love singing, songwriting, dancing, acting, guitar, piano, reading, online shopping, volunteering, sleeping, and blogging. I am at UC Irvine studying musical theatre and education and hopefully double majoring in mathematics. Gimme a plushie and I'm forever yours. :3
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I’ve never had a giveaway, so this will be my very first one! I opened this shop 2010, and it is now June 2012. It’s been a huge roller-coaster and I’m happy to to have made so many friends through this experience. Re-blog this post (with text,photos,and video attached) and you will be entered. If you have already reblogged this, you are automatically in! Open to US and International.


  • a $50 gift card to ANYTHING in my store. (hairbows, usamimis, bags, and soon small collections of apparel) 
  • a chance to get a customized/personalized bag (Made this personalized pastel kitten bow bag for @Jasmine-blu Worth $30+)
    Made this personalized pastel kitten bow bag for @Jasmine-blu   <3! 
  •  be able to work with me for a new product’s name and theme !
  •  Random candies and a bunch of ~kawaii~ stickers and/or other goods. 


~ Reblog as much as you like.
~ Spend a few minutes looking through my blog and links here: @KrizkoTV  
and please follow me if my blog interests you. I am not going to force you guys to follow me because I really just want genuine and loyal followers + possible new friends! All I ask is to take some of your time to view my blog, then no strings attached. (Though I would really enjoy keeping in touch with the contest winner) 
and @Shop-boko if you want to see more updates.~
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~ Watch our LDR couple videos here: @BunniesnBoogers and subscribe if you’d like!
~ No sideblogs
~No fake tumblrs ( I will check!)
~ Likes count
~ Same goes with subscribing my other websites ( YouTube, Twitter, Deviant, Couple Youtube+Tumblr)
Follow if you’d like. 

GOOD LUCK………. <3333 U W U 



Tuesday, June 19, 2012

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